Romance Exhibition Opening Event

Ulalaka is happy to present Romance, an exhibition by artist Danson, as our opening exhibition for the 3rd floor gallery space.

The exhibition will run from December 18th until January 10th. There will be a reception party for the artist on Friday, December 18th from 7pm. Please join us in celebrating the artist’s work!

Exhibition: Romance

Everyone has something that will stir their passion. It might be your job, or a hobby or even relaxing at a cafe. It’s different for everyone. 
No matter what obsessions (passions) dance through our daily lives, they make our lives all the more richer.

For the Romance Exhibition, I’ve chosen works that have night as their common theme (Romance 01-10) , from past illustrations and artworks, and the original drawings for my published picture book. 

Nothing would thrill me more than If these images from the Romance Exhibition stir up your passions and add a bit of extra excitement to your life.


Danson Profile

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Artist Danson