Seikichi & Seiichiro Inamine

Seikichi Inamine is Okinawa’s premiere Ryukyu glass artist, with a career spanning over half a century. Originally the craft of taking discarded coke bottles and melting them down to refashion into glasses and vases, Inamine single-handedly perfected the technique into exquisite art.
Now in retirement, Inamine continues to visit his workshop, where his son Seiichiro has taken on the the role of lead artist, adding his own sense of color and experimentation to the glassworks.
Coaxing the melted liquid to bend and twirl at his will, Inamine’s works are filled with with bubbles and textures that create a fantasy land for the viewer, sometimes diving us into the deep blue sea and other times leading us on a journey through the stars.
Ulalaka is proud to feature the artworks of Seikichi and Seiichiro Inamine and to promote them to an international audience.

If you would like to see the glassworks production in action, please visit the work area, and connecting shop in Yomitan at Sorabuki Glass Studio Rainbow.
2748 Zakimi, Yomitan, Nakagami District, Okinawa 904-0301