Eiten Oshiro

Eiten Oshiro is Okinawa’s most famous and prolific pop artist. Indeed, you can find Eiten murals all over Naha and other parts of the island.With a style that embraces elements of graffiti and street art, the artist paints cityscapes, colorful plants and fauna with an almost Aboriginal feel.
Born into a large family, Eiten loved drawing from a young age. After graduating from art school in Osaka, the artist first focused on metalworks, before finding his niche as a painter. Often painting live on walls, canvas and models, the works are vibrant and flowing, as if the colors themselves refuse to dry. Paintings within paintings swirl around the viewer.
In addition to the murals around the city, Eiten’s work has been featured on multiple CD jackets and in shop interiors and magazines. He has exhibited internationally in New York,Hong Kong & London.
Ulalaka is proud to feature the artworks of Eiten Oshiro and to promote him to an international audience.