Welcome to the world of Ulalaka!

Due to Covid restrictions, the gallery and cafe will be closed until the end of August. Please check back then to receive more information.

The gallery is closed Wednesdays & Thursdays.


Lotus Cafe

Lotus Cafe is located on the first floor of Ulalaka. Enjoy delicious Banh Mi sandwiches and Vietnamese coffee or one of our other specialty drinks while looking around the artwork and spaces and mingling with kindred spirits.

ウララカの1階にはLotus Cafeがございます。空間とそこにある作品を堪能しながら仲間を作り、美味しいバインミー・サンドイッチやベトナムコーヒー、その他特製ドリンクなどをお楽しみください。

(photo: Sarasa Suzuki)

Gallery & Antiques 2Fl

The second floor of Ulalaka will house an inspiring collection of Okinawa artists and craftsmen, juxtaposed to an array of Japanese and Okinawa antiques. Featured artists include ceramic artist Mitsunari Miyagi, Ryukyu glass artists Seikichi & Seiichiro Inamine, bingata artist Yukinaga Chibana, and pop artist Eiten Oshiro.

See a complete list of our featured artists here.


(photo: Sarasa Suzuki)

Gallery 3Fl

The 3rd floor of Ulalaka will house a picture and art gallery for framed works. Various creators will display their latest works on a rotating calendar, with the gallery also coordinating group shows from time to time. In addition, the 3rd floor will be used several times each month for workshops where visitors can work with artists to create their own unique designs.

Current Exhibition: Due to Covid restrictions, there are no exhibitions or workshops at this time.


OoLaLa Mag First Issue

OoLaLa Mag’s fist issue is released from July! The issue has an interview with Ryukyu Glass artist Seiichiro Inamine, and showcases several other interesting creators in its fashion pages. There are also pages exploring Naha through the 5 senses!

You can find the mag at hotels around Naha and Chatan. Please check it out!