Welcome to the world of Ulalaka!

Lotus Cafe Opening November 21, 2020!

Lotus Cafe

Lotus Cafe is located on the first floor of Ulalaka. Enjoy delicious Banh Mi sandwiches and Vietnamese coffee or one of our other specialty drinks while looking around the artwork and spaces and mingling with kindred spirits.

Gallery & Antiques 2Fl

The second floor of Ulalaka will house an inspiring collection of Okinawa artists and craftsmen, juxtaposed to an array of Japanese and Okinawa antiques. Featured artists include ceramic artist Mitsunari Miyagi, Ryukyu glass artist Seikichi Inamine, and bingata artist Yukinaga Chibana.

(photo: vase by Mitsunari Miyagi)

Gallery 3Fl

The 3rd floor of Ulalaka will house a picture and art gallery for framed works. Various creators will display their latest works on a rotating calendar, with the gallery also coordinating group shows from time to time. In addition, the 3rd floor will be used several times each month for workshops where visitors can work with artists to create their own unique designs.

Our Story

The word ulalaka means beautiful and resplendent in Japanese. Our mission is to highlight the creations of distinctive Okinawan artists thoughout the islands, showcasing established artists and artisans, while also discovering and nurturing up-and-coming creators. 

Through our website, we hope to introduce many artists and their works, while providing an insight into their characters through our interviews, photos and videos. Eventually, we would also like to provide an online shop where visitors can purchase the works of these creators, making them more accessible to the international market.

At our gallery space in Naha, we hope to present a number of Okinawan and Japanese artists for both collectors and art  enthusiasts to enjoy. The four-floor building will provide a gallery featuring numerous creators on the second floor, while the third floor will showcase framed works of rotating photographers and artists. The third floor will also offer several workshops each month where visitors can learn from hands-on experience.

The fourth floor will house our office, where we will design our free-paper and website. Lastly, the first floor of Ulalaka will be our Lotus Cafe, where visitors can mingle with artists and locals, while enjoying a beverage or light meal. Special events will also be held several times each month.